• Cottages

    Our cottage is a charmer- A totally finished cabin complete with a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen/dining area. You’ll find standard foam insulation, a deluxe energy-efficient heating/cooling unit, commercial flooring and solid wood cabinets, just to name a few things. Our cottages also come ready to fit your full-size appliances!

  • Garages

    Your wife just said the attic could use some extra space and the boat is waiting for a home. With very little hassle, a One Car Portable Garage can be installed and relieve the pressure for space.  We are ready to help you pick the best garage options and find a solution to your need for more space

  • Barns

    You really want to get all your lawn equipment inside and the boxes cluttering the house out of the way. But the budget is tight and there are too many other bills to pay. Our handmade Barns are great for those on a tight budget. Even though these are some of the cheapest Sheds in our collection, you still get top quality construction.

  • Lofted Barns

    More height means more space in your Lofted Barn. With more space this means you can keep your yard tools and home storage better organized. Never feel disorganized again stumbling over boxes of extra stuff in the garage. They will fit perfectly in the overhead loft in our Lofted Barns.

  • Cabins

    Our cabins come standard with 3 windows and 1 entry door. They are ready for the customer to wire and finish out. Many sizes and configurations are available. 

  • Utility Buildings

    Our utility buildings can fit any of your needs, from storage for garden tools to sporting goods to that backyard workshop you have always wanted.  Available in a wide range of materials and sizes — the perfect utility building is just a call away. Lonestar buildings are built to last, handmade, delivered and placed just where you need it. 

  • Deluxe Buildings

    We offer a deluxe building in the Painted Dutchlap line. The front side has wainscoting and French doors for a classic, timeless look.